Danshig Naadam

Danshig Naadam

Ulaanbaatar , Songinokhairkhan

It is said that in 1639, in the Year of the Rabbit in the 11th century, the first Danshig Festival was organized in Shireet Tsagaan Lake to introduce the first High Saint Zanabazar, the first Bogd of Mongolia.

Researchers have mentioned that Mongolians used to participate in the danshig festival. Danshig is a Tibetan word that means "Bat- Introduction" in Mongolian.

The main purpose of the Danshig festival is harmony, so giving alms and offering sacrifices to the local people. At this time, the Danshig Festival, which the Khalkh Mongols would raise from the seven heads, became the Seven Heads Danshig Festival.

The history of the last Seven Heads Danshi Festival was held in 1922.

And the most important thing in the Danshi ceremony is Khuree tsam. During this time, many interesting activities are organized among the monks, such as book exchange, debate, and balin oil crafting competition, which has become one of the favorite festivals for foreign and domestic tourists.