Covid 19

Mongolian fresh air a great remedy after Covid

Mongolia has lifted Covid restrictions.

The Covid-19 pandemic that the world has been facing for the last two years, has hugely affected and created a major crisis in the tourism industry. This has been not only in Mongolia but also in other countries. Mongolia imposed a total of seven strict curfews during the Covid pandemic, which lasted a total of 79 days. In the last two years, 92% of the population has been vaccinated with two doses and 52% with the third dose. A further 90,000 people have received a fourth dose. On 14 February, 2022 Mongolia announced that it had opened its air borders to international passengers, based on a risk assessment of infection control. As a result, all the restrictions of the pandemic have been lifted, allowing anyone who wants to travel to Mongolia to do so without hindrance.

What should you know?

Starting from 14 March, 2022 the following procedures will be compiled during the trip to Mongolia. It does not require PCR or Rapid test results upon arrival in Mongolia, and is available for anyone who has been vaccinated or not.

Upon your arrival in Mongolia you should fill out a medical form. There is:
- No supplementary test needed;
- No quarantine or isolation;
- No extra requirements for travel to rural areas and domestic flights;
- Free vaccination coverage if desired.

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