Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, is located in the Khatan Tuul river valley at the foot of the Bogd Khan Mountain.

Regarded as one of the peaceful cities in Asia – Ulaanbaatar may be the last surviving city from nomadic civilizations transforming into a modern city.

A few temples and gers (Mongolian yurt) is what the city was made up way back in 1778; now with a population of around 1.6 million, it is the political, commercial and cultural hub of Mongolia.

The city is a compelling fusion of traditional gers, an integral part of nomadic culture, and modern buildings with cutting-edge architectural designs.

Sukhbaatar District, the founding district of Ulaanbaatar, has become the center of historical museums, monuments and commercial centers. Few of the more famous landmarks of historical and cultural significance are Sukhbaatar Square, Chingis Khaan Equestrian Statue, and Buddhist temples and museums that offer interesting insights into its history - Gandan Monastery, Temple of Choijin Lama, Bogd Khaan Palace Museum.

Located 1,350 meters above sea-level, with four distinct seasons: the winters are unforgettably cold, the springs are dry, summers are hot and autumns are cool - you can rest assured each will offer you a special experience.

In just 30 minutes from the center point of the city you will reach the untouched land, all in its natural beauty.

You can enjoy shows with traces of Mongolian culture, even experience internationally acclaimed opera and ballet acts, and live performances of pop rock bands.

If you’re visiting in July, you have the golden opportunity to celebrate Mongol Naadam, a traditional sports festival unique only to Mongolia. The annual occasion celebrates the three historically remarkable cultural traditions of the Mongolian people: horse riding, archery and wrestling.

The city is home to various establishments serving western and eastern dishes, as well as traditional Mongolian cuisine with fresh meat, known to be bred organically in their natural habitation.

The capital of the second largest landlocked country even serves a wide selection of seafood. Everywhere you may go, hospitality and warmth of Mongolians will accompany you.

Ulaanbaatar has every type public transportation except subway

Take the bus, or a hail a taxi from a sidewalk.

Take the bus, or a hail a taxi from a sidewalk.

Enjoy a restful stay at domestic hotels Bayangol, Ulaanbaatar, Tushig and guesthouses. International hotel chains Ramada, Holiday Inn, Western and Shangri-La have also made their foray into this untapped market. The peaceful, yet fascinating city of the last of the nomads kindly welcomes you.