"Genghis Khan's birthday" collection of kings

"Genghis Khan's birthday" collection of kings

Ulaanbaatar , Sukhbaatar

According to the "Mongolian Secret Bureau", Chinggis Khan was born on the first day of the first winter month of 1162, in the year of the water horse of the 63rd lunar calendar, in the area of Dadal Sum, Khentii province, near the anvil of the Onon and Balj rivers.

The New Year of the first month of winter is celebrated on a different day every year due to the yin calendar.

2012: November 14, the 850th anniversary of the birth of Great Emperor Genghis Khan

2013: November 4, 851st anniversary

2014: November 23, 852nd anniversary

2015: November 12, 853rd anniversary

2016: October 31, 854th anniversary

2017: November 19, 855th anniversary

2018: November 8, 856th anniversary

2019: November 27, 857th anniversary

2020: November 16, 858th anniversary

2021: November 5, 859th anniversary

2022: November 24, 860th anniversary