Dadal, Khentii

4 Hot Springs of Gurvan lake

Surrounded by pine forests, 4 hot springs are located in the basin of Onon and Balj rivers south of the Deluun Boldog in Dadal Village of Khentii province, which is the birthplace of Chinggis Khan. It is elevated 1300 meters above sea level.

If you travel from Ulaanbaatar through Chinggis city, the distance is 600 kilometers, while the distance is 500 kilometers if you go through Umnudelger village of Khentii province. The clay found in the sanatorium is chemically classified as saprophytic clay.

It is especially suitable for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases, remnants of lung surgery, laryngeal asthma, nervous exhaustion and joint diseases. However, it is not suitable for advanced forms of cerebrovascular atherosclerosis and after a heart attack. The spa is open seasonally from April 20 to November 1 and has a capacity of up to 500 people per shift.

There are mud treatments, coniferous bath-hydrotherapy, physical therapy, air therapy, bariatric surgery, acupuncture available in addition to treatment with mare's milk.

4 Hot Springs of Gurvan lake

Why to go?

It is a place with beautiful nature, historical monuments and sights, where Chinggis Khan was born. It is also a great place to see the culture and tradition of locals.


599 km

4 Hot Springs of Gurvan lake





9 hours