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Please read about the people who lives in Central Asia


5 min read · May 25, 2022

Shagain naadgai or the ankle-bone games have been played by Mongolians since the ancient times. In 2011, archaeologists found numerous shagais from a child’s grave among burials from the Xiongnu dynasty. The shagais were sealed by the Mongo...


3 min read · May 23, 2022

An untamed horse disposes all of its strength to resist a rider, but the entire ordeal looks remarkably impressive. Some horses let out a squeal in a statement of fury. This is because a rider aggressively attempted to climb on top of it, s...


4 min read · May 23, 2022

Music that can express joy and happiness and sadness and sorrow without words, is a great gift to mankind. We can call music a language of human feelings. This language is expressed with musical instruments, and without them. Now let’s talk...


4 min read · May 16, 2022

A nomad woman gets up at the break of dawn, removes the ger covers (urkh) for the day, and collects firewood and dried dun for fire, prepares milk tea and makes an offering to the mother nature. Her morning continues with drying and tanning...


3 min read · May 12, 2022

Nestled between modern glass buildings of Ulaanbaatar lies a mysterious green tile-roofed temple inside a fenced yard. This is the green palace and temple of the country’s last khaan, the Bogd VIII, now a museum. Jabzandamba Khutagt Bogd wa...