Mongolia fresh air a great remedy after Covid

15 min read · Aug 09, 2022

Trip advice

Mongolia has lifted Covid restrictions


The Covid-19 pandemic that the world has been facing for the last two years, has hugely affected and created a major crisis in the tourism industry. This has been not only in Mongolia but also in other countries. Mongolia imposed a total of seven strict curfews during the Covid pandemic, which lasted a total of 79 days.


In the last two years, 92% of the population has been vaccinated with two doses and 52% with the third dose. A further 90,000 people have received a fourth dose.


On 14 February, 2022 Mongolia announced that it had opened its air borders to international passengers, based on a risk assessment of infection control. As a result, all the restrictions of the pandemic have been lifted, allowing anyone who wants to travel to Mongolia to do so without hindrance. Currently, only the air border or Chinggis Khaan airport is open. The Altanbulag border point that connects Russia and Mongolia opened recently. However, the opening date of the rest of the border point is indefinite at the moment.


What should you know?

Starting from 14 March, 2022 the following procedures will be compiled during the trip to Mongolia. It does not require PCR or Rapid test results upon arrival in Mongolia, and is available for anyone who has been vaccinated or not.     


Upon your arrival in Mongolia you should fill out a medical form. There is:

• No supplementary test needed

• No quarantine or isolation

• No extra requirements for travel to rural areas and domestic flights

• Free vaccination coverage if desired.


Here is some important information for those planning to travel to Mongolia!

How to apply for a Mongolian visa?

If you are planning to travel to Mongolia, here are some tips on how to apply for a visa if necessary.


Firstly, on what occasions do you not need to apply for a visa?

• There are countries that allow visa-free travel to Mongolia, and you should check out this list first.

• Click here to see the list. Click here for information on how to apply a tourist visa upon arrival at the international border.


If your country does not belong to the list of visa-free countries, you will need to apply for a visa to travel to Mongolia. So, you need to get a visa. How do we apply for a visa?


Online visa or E-Visa

The easiest hassle free way of applying for a Mongolian visa is obviously an online visa. It saves your time and money. From 1 October, 2021, Mongolia has started issuing Mongolian visas electronically to 36 countries around the world.

If you would like, click here to know the list of nationalities to which a Mongolian electronic visa is issued


What types of visas are issued online?

• Tourist /K2/

• Participant in cultural and sports competitions /K4/

• Transit /K6/


How to apply for an electronic visa?

• Check on website

• Select the Apply Now menu to complete the visa application accurately and completely

• Submit your payment

• Wait for your application to be reviewed


If approved, an e-visa in the form of a QR code containing the citizen's information will be issued to show your eligibility for travel to Mongolia. This will be sent to your e-mail address.


How long will it take?

• 24/7 visa applications can be received at any time.

• The visa is processed within 3 working days or 72 hours


When crossing the border with an electronic visa:

You will need to carry your e-visa in hard copy and on a smart device with your passport, present it at the border and then enter Mongolia.


What is you can’t get an e-Visa?

• You can apply for a visa at the international border (see the list of available visas at the border)

• Visit your nearest Mongolian Embassy or Consulate in person, or

• You can obtain a visa through invitations from relatives or friends in Mongolia



You must register with the Immigration Office within 48 hours of entering Mongolia. If you are visiting Mongolia through a tour operator or an agency, they will register you on your behalf. Registration can be done online through the following websites and applications:

• Website

• Application: “E-Immigration”


Visa validation period

The visa to enter Mongolia was valid for 90 days before the foreign citizen entered the country, but recently was extended to 150 days.