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Does this photo remind you of the Grand Canyon?

This spectacular natural formation is named Khermen Tsav and is in Mongolia. The reason why these two formations are likened is that both Grand Canyon and Khermen Tsav possess similar general structure, origin and were formed by large river sediments. But Khermen Tsav differs by its uniqueness of wide range dinosaur fossil discoveries.

The most popular fossil is obviously Tarbosaurus Bataar. Do you remember the carnivorous T-Rex? You can just think of Tarbosaurus Bataar, as a cousin of T-Rex. Interestingly, the same predatory dinosaurs that lived at the same time, were found one in Central Asia and the other in North America. Even though the length of these majestic mud rock formations continues for only 10 kms, it is usually not recommended for travelers even with vehicles to drive solely due to high risks of getting lost or becoming short of water. But, if you manage to arrange these seemingly minor issues, you can roam around freely. During your exploration, you may come across remains of ancient alligators, various mammals and dinosaur fossils.

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Khermen Tsav

Gurvan Tes soum, provincia de de Umnugobi