Gandan Monastery

1 min read · May 21, 2022

Gandan Monastery

The monastery features a 26.5-meter-high statue of Migjid Janraisag, a Buddhist bodhisattva. It came under state protection in 1994. The monastery was established in 1838 upon the order of the Fifth Jebtsundamba and is the principal center of Buddhist learning in Mongolia. Restored and revitalized in 1990, the Gandan-tegchilen Monastery had first built under the name of “Ikh mandaliin sum” in “Ikh huree”, the capital of Bogd Khaanate of Mongolia. It currently has over 400 monks as disciples.

Gandan-tegchilen Monastery was the only one escaped from the communist destruction. It was closed in 1938 but reopened in 1944 and allowed to continue as a functioning Buddhist monastery, under a skeleton staff and named Gandan Monastery, as a token homage to traditional Mongolian culture and religion. With the end of communism in Mongolia in 1990, restrictions on worship were lifted, the national conscience about culture and religion was revived and since then the monastery has been free to providing its functionality.

Gandan Monastery, Bayangol District, 16th khoroo, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Everyday 08:00 am – 05:00 pm