Agnista Vegan Food

1 min read · May 25, 2022

Agnista Vegan Food

The name of the restaurant means ‘the Upper Path to Enlightenment’ in Tibetan. Agnista offers over 30 meals for people who avoid animal products. They use wheat-free flour in their recipes and have gluten free options available. The meals are convenient for not only vegans, but also for diners with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.

As Mongolians are accustomed to eating European and Oriental foods, the restaurant has also decided to go along with the trend using faux-meat tofu, making the dishes almost indistinguishable from meat.

Some people refuse to use soy meat as a substitute for protein. Taking this into account, Agnista offers meals with other vegetables with high protein as an alternative.

We recommend having the soup ‘Agnista’, steamed piroshky and buuz (dumplings) made with whole wheat flour. The soup ‘Agnista’ is rich in nutrients as it has a variety of vegetables. It is a delicious soup for the Mongolian winter.

If you are looking for healthy alternatives and prefer your meals steamed rather than fried, Agnista has you covered, too. They offer fat-free piroshky with whole wheat flour which helps the metabolism.

Buuz is a traditional Mongolian meat dumpling and something you must try while you are in the country. It is great that Agnista offers a vegan option, so that all visitors can enjoy this hearty delicacy.

Location: 1st floor, Lagshan center, east of the Tuushin hotel