Erdenetsogt, Bayankhongor

Shargaljuut hot spring

Shargaljuut Hot Spring is considered to be one of the most unique hot springs in the world due to its unique natural formations and healing properties. Shargaljuut Natural Spa Resort is located in Erdenetsogt village, Bayankhongor province, 1500 meters above sea level, about 650 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar city.

Shargaljuut Hot Spring consists of more than 100 hot springs and gorges steaming out of granite rocks located on the hill named Khatad. Due to the geothermal action and geotechnical activity, this spring has a unique structure that realistically reflects the natural state of groundwater movement, strong thermal pressure, and the hot and cold environment flowing through the cracks in granite rocks.

Each of the component springs of Shargaljuut Hot Springs streams out of rocks which have amazing shapes that look like they have been deliberately crafted as organs and parts of the human body. 

It is a true natural wonder given the fact that the mineral water for the treatment of throat diseases emanates from a rock shaped like a human throat, while and the mineral water streaming out of a tooth shaped rock is curative for tooth diseases.

According to studies, most of the hot springs and gorges fall into the same category, while some hot springs differ in the amount of heat and the reaction of the environment. For some, hydrocarbons, carbonates including sodium sulfate are predominant and the temperature ranges from 43 to 95 degrees. One of the springs, located southwest of the main spring, has a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and produces sulfur mud, so it is possible to combine mineral and mud treatments. Shargaljuut springs are similar in composition to Herculanean springs in Romania, Gorna Banya and Kyustendil springs in Bulgaria, Kuldur in Russia, and Talaya in Eastern Siberia.

Shargaljuut mineral water irritates the nerves in the skin and causes changes in nerve blood circulation, metabolism and endocrine function and thus is suitable for the treatment of some gynecological and skin diseases, as well as respiratory diseases. The high temperature and low mineralization of the hot spring makes it suitable for raising body temperature, rapid healing of inflammation, and treatment of chronic diseases in joints, muscles and bones. However, it is not recommended for use in severe forms of cerebrovascular atherosclerosis, or where there have been relapses and complications, post-shock and severe myocardial infarction, hypertension II B and above, and persistent severe heart disease.

Shargaljuut hot spring

Why to go?

It is a unique hot spring in the world for its healing properties

Pay attention

It has a relatively warm and humid steam because of hot spring evaporation


650 km

Shargaljuut hot spring





11 hours