Spring Eagle Festival

Spring Eagle Festival

Улан-Батор , Хан-Уул

"EAGLE FESTIVAL-2023"The Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department, the Mongolian Eagle Falconers’ Association, and "Chinggis Khan Khuree” tourist complex are organizing the "Eagle Festival" event on March 4th, and 5th, 2023, at the "Chingis Khan Khuree" tourist complex.

With the upcoming Spring season and Nauryz holiday, the event aims to promote the traditions, heritage, and unique culture of the Kazakhs, pass them on to the youth, attract foreign and domestic tourists, and provide citizens of the capital with a proper leisure time.

Competitions and performances will be held during the occasion:

-Kazakh national dance and music performances

-Parade with an eagle (selection of the best eagle hunter with the best national costume, eagle, and horse equipment)

-Eagle shirga /artificial lures/ fishing competition

-Selection of well-trained eagle-Kazakh national game (kokpar or tulam /leather bag/ grabbing, tenge ilu or coin grabbing from the ground)

-Cavalry show performance

-Competitions and performances of hawks and falcons

For Tickets: https://ticket.mn/event/1471/